How to prevent buildings from Fire


 The news from Californias firestorm show  how fast even luxury homes can fall down to ash if no suitable precautionary measures have been taken in time. Such measures are affordable, possible and useful.

Prepare a huge water bassin under your garden which you fill with rain water which you collect from roofs and terraces. This rain water can help to keep your roof and facades wet during the fire roller comes accross your house. All you have to do is  to dig a hole 2-3 m deep in your garden, tennis-court and/ or you fix this under the parking spots in front of your house.  Even private streets to  the house can be tunneled this way.

rainwater storage below the garden
rainwater can be stored anywhere - also under the garden, under the parking space etc.

Gardens and parks are perfect for rain water storing systems. However with careful planning you can also plant trees and bushes. There are nearly no limits for your special garden. and you have always water for watering the plants.

enough water to prevent buildings from fire
rainwater storing system for DIY (do it yourself)

the technology is simple and good. These tubes are filled with concrete and build the load carrying columns. On top of the Atlantis elements a grid of reinforcement and concrete creates a slab which is covered with soil.

protect buildings in florida from fire - also near woods
the system can carry heavy loads

The dimensions are 100 x 100 cm; the tubes have a DM of 160 mm. This system will carry even trucks.

   In case of fire you can either swith on the system personally or via an app – or prepare sensors to make  the water cannons watering roof and walls during the time the fire rolls over your home.With enough water you can protect your home from flames.
Such underground basins can store on a area  of 1000 m²  up to approx. 750000 gallons,
on 2000 – 3000 m²- if 3 m high -  between 1,5  to 2,2 million gallons of water.
Enough water to fight against flames - even if  firefighters are not available. The water in the swimming pool is not enough – but  can be used additionally if needed.